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5 Fake Science Sources and How They Could Lead to Your Harm

As a follow up to, "Scientific Bullsh*t – How ‘Science’ is Used to Deceive the Public", here is a little more about FAKE SCIENCE.

5 Fake Science Sources and How They Could Lead to Your Harm

A subject I have been very interested in, for years, is the fallibility of science, per se.  I mean the methods, the assumptions, the logics, the blind spots, as well as the errors in science embedded in bureaucracy, corpocracy, or in a dysfunctional society.  I will write more about these issues and musings by and by, but here is one example of how science can be flawed by some process alone:

Science Without Open Data Isn't Science - Neuroskeptic

Of course, there is the incessant obfuscation of truth by our monopole-capitalistic system - by BIG SCIENCE, Big Agra, Big Oil, Big Pharma, etc., (all of which can be found under my tags called, "bb").  Monsanto, CNN, Exxon, etc., are forever putting out false and misleading information, based on $ubsidised funding and bought politicians.  This is a very serious problem which reached far and wide, and which poses a serious threat to the majority of people in our country and planet.

Of course, the greatest fake news denial is of global warming, aka, anthropogenic climate change.  Often, by dismissing humans as the cause, climate deniers also throw out the full possibility of climate change with the bathwater.  To be fair, those who ONLY allow for a human cause will also support misleading information, when alternate causes may be involved.  Unknowingly, non-deniers may also put out fake science, although far less than deniers.

Fake science is an insult to human intelligence and progress, and safety - but it is also a wide affront to Nature itself, since what is denied is NATURAL TRUTH, or our best approximation of such.  When people, moralised and emboldened by money, by politics, by power, by insanity, take a stance where only they are right and TRUE, damn all else: Then this mind game becomnes a dangerous, deadly game of violence beyond the political.  That is, in the service of DENIAL, many are killed, murdered, disappeared.  Because science is not always an elabouration of curiousity, it is the dominating arm of elites.  Theories of nature, in relation to god, and so on, have always been held firm by those in power, seeking to secure their control - whether those theories be right or wrong.  Information, to them, is war.

Mysterious Deaths Of Holistic Doctors Around The Country: Coincidence Or Concerted Effort?

I am pretty sure most, if not all, of these disappearances have been deliberate - along with those many disappearances of bankers, techies, and others.  There is a whole vast jungle of danger and corruption and death being perpetrated out there.  Some of those who fall into it, never to be heard from again, were once like most everyone else, in believing, "Conspiracies don't exist."  Well, look at the massive purge now occurring throughout social media and the internet - a plain-as-day conspiracy - after all the fight we gave to defeat internet-control bills in the Congress, legitimately.  Legitimate is only gratuitous - patronisation - a biding of time until those in power better cement their control.  If you can see how deep, deep goes the fakery in science, then you might guess at how dastardly and low the "legitimate" may creep.  Who would lie of the truth would ultimately not bat an eye over the death of one or two believers, because, as I have said:

"Power," is the ability to LIE, and get away with it.

With the loot.

Before the violence.

Sad, sad truth.

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