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'Trump Is Feeding into the American War Machine'

Well, I certainly agree that Trump is building up the war machine, especially when he supported the $700 billion dollar military budget, which was voted for by everyone except BERNIE SANDERS. And maybe he feels that we need a more massive military to protect us from - just in case - all the blow-back in the world, caused by his crazy rhetoric, etc. Maybe if he didn't spout the rhetoric, then we wouldn't need all the extra weaponry. Well, that's kind of the running theory amongst progressives, yes. Since before Trump was even born.

Listen - Trump saying that he is placing tariffs on China because it is buying weapons from Russia?


Trump saying that he expects Mexico to build OUR wall protecting us from 'them'?


Various other examples, we all know and love...

Build a wall across the Sahara? That's crazy – but someone still did it

On the other hand, he is also getting things done. Like peace with North Korea, it seems. And tariffs that make the head of the United Steel Workers, a Democrat, beam with joy. He is also doing a lot of things I don't like. And he is doing all of these things with an entire arm - the Russia arm - tied behind his back.

In the same breath, I can list all the unfair counts working against Trump:

E.g. - a cabinet insider wrote an anonymous letter to the NYT stating he/they were trying to sabotage Trump - and there is no Deep State conspiracy going on?

Rosenstein sought to have Trump wiretapped - as he was in Trump Tower - and there is no conpiracy?

Progressive Democrat, Dennis Kucinich, and others, left and right, like Assange, Ron Paul, and Noam Chomsky, have asserted that the Deep State was trying to bring Trump down - and there is no conspiracy?

There is conspiracy on both sides. It is like two gigantic magnets are being brought together, with opposing poles, and the static force is crazy and fractious. For every crazy thing Trump says, there is some good deed done, and some attack from the left, and some crazy failing from Trump, and back and forth, so that nothing anyone says or does really can be weighed out - all is serving the next election, and the elites. and petty self-attending narcissism.

Who knows what's going on? Recently, Trump announced that he will soon be sending an emergency test message to EVERYONE'S cell-phone, and now people are walking around feeling like, pretty soon, they will getting direct tweets from Trump, right over their own phone! Aghhh!!! Make it stoppp!!!!!

In all this fluster, which Reality Star Trump has greatly fueled and flamed, he continues to walk through accomplishing maniac miracles with the con-pop working class, at rallies, in polls, on talk radio - even in politics. I have become rather sure of a theory I have been carrying around, which is this:

Even though Trump doesn't always know what he is doing, he is guided by a demonic force, (and I mean that not in an evil way), which cues him in on when to say what, and how to make it so exquisitely absurd, so that...

So that the Democrats CONTINUE to underestimate him, and overestimate their own ability to do him in. They see a bumbling, brash , bullying brat, and they assume he is stupid.   think that there is something in Trump - maybe it is some parasitic prion - which knows exactly how to throw up a confusing smokescreen - which is really the ONLY environment he knows how to operate in. He cultures the very culture of chaos which he himself then becomes able to dominate and control.

So, all along his monumental failures, there are both strange successes and devious plans which we don't even know about yet. It is impossible to separate which is completely mad and which is genius? What? Trump, a genius? It's a strange thing, that some people can be complete idiots and, e.g., get all the girls, or become king, etc. Because success does not always hinge upon real productivity, or logic, or kindness, etc. Sometimes it hinges on more than a fluke: It hinges on, oh, what can we call it? Injustice? All the leading despots have learnt this truth. And, likewise, Trump spreads the same nonsense around, and bothers world leaders into accepting its crazy terms, because - Trump is the biggest bully on the block, which is the bottom line: FEAR.

In a dysfunctionalising world, it is second nature to Trump, to be crazy like a fox. For the better or worse. Will he break us from the current established dysfunction, only to lead us down into a deeper, more destructive dysfunction. It is easy for liberals to conclude the latter - but that can get you into trouble, too.

Trump Is Feeding into the American War Machine Through His Neglect and Childish Whims...

America is now militarily involved in 76 countries! Yet, the war machine -- including a massive army of profiteering corporate contractors and the politicians they buy -- keeps demanding more: more troops, more money, more profits ... more war. Finally, We the People (the 90-plus percent of us who're not really aware of, much less engaged in, this hell) need to awaken to another stark reality: War is stupid.

Let us not forget all the war-inciting that Clinton and Obama compelled us towards, towards Syria, Libya, Iran, Russia, and so on. I mean, there's a bigger, badder picture here, which involves both parties, and many, many decades of history. On the one hand, Trump tries to step out of that, on the other, he is making alliances with Saudi Arabia and Israel against Iran and the Palestinians, and so on. Sometimes, he seems to be only taking only the cheapest shots he can find, against his chosen enemies, as he has tried to rescind everything that Obama has done, good or bad. But Trump has weeded out ISIS, which Obama refused to do. And he has not wanted to war-monger with Russia, which is the agenda of the full establishment. Simultaneously, he is offending leaders in Australia, Europe, Canada, etc. Every day's a crap-shoot, as far as I see it.

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Note: I would not put too much confidence in this one (above).  Whether or not the diagnosis may be 'true', it's a trap, which will keep you stationary and self-content, while Trump then slips around you and passes you by.  Crazy or not.  What's that saying about, "You can't argue with a sick mind"?  Or something to that effect.

Dear Mr. Trump: here’s something you can do to defend America’s heartland: attack Monsanto « Jon Rappoport's Blog

He would, if he listened more to JFK, JR., than to the billionaires.

Bill Gates: 'Trump is open-minded' – video
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