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ever running from my own anus

mmmmmm nothing better than stale popcorn from walmart. i have now consumed all the food i was going to take with me to madison.

dear readers, you all knows i am trully both a freak and a fuckhead at the same time.

i was thinking of inviting maybe andrea to start her own live jnl - she's the type. but then if i tried to correspond w/ her, imagine all the crap - esp about Starbucks - she end up reading! So, i've decided to begin another live jnl - just as a ploy to start off with Andrea and the likes. Then, as our relationship blossoms, I will ease her into the pornographic stuff. Of course, we all know that this is yet another devious scheme to eventually examine Kris' tatoos. I don't know if I willl let you friends in on this other site, though. You would first have to make a vow that your sole intention is to help me catch Kris, and not to reveal to the world my complete impotence as a human being.

A note la: That ad I placed for Kris was carefully crafted. The reason I said, "The girl I never met" was:

1 - It allowed her the chance to think of us as begining fresh.

2 - It let her and Andrea know that I don't consider that we have actually met - until some kind of decent human raport, aka sex, occurs. That means I am not the stocker they all wanted to make me out to be. See - in the land I come from - girls are somewaht responsible for the give-and-take of conversation. So, Rockford girls look at me and think, "He's so quite - he probably has a stiffy and he wants to pee on me..." while Madison girls would think, "Its time for ME to say something..."

3 - Well, seriously, it said - I want to know you more - more beautifully.

4 - And - HEY! You haven't met ME! What business do you have running off gossipping before I even get my boots on?!!!!!

The fact is I did meet and talk to Kris several times. My only fear in placing the ad was that she might have felt slighted - me saying, in a sense..."Sorry, uh, have we met?"

Panda needs a bath.

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