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I am the person who will destroy China.

Large Parts Of Canada Are Missing Gravity

Large Parts Of Canada Are Missing Gravity

I liked exaggerating the title/headline. Actually, the variations in gravity across Earth are minute. But - if you understand chaos, then it is important to focus on the subliminal or discrete or minute - because that is where change comes from, most often - and sometimes, rarely, in a revolutionary fashion. (See butterfly effect).

It doesn't do well to scoff at people who decide to study these things, and who form hypotheses about them, brushing them off as being CONSPIRACY THEORISTS. If that were the case, then most scientists through history have been conspiracy theorists, (according to the current popular definition of the term). It does no good to confuse these students and scientists - and innocent free-thinking spirits of nature - with those marginally mentally ill people who blow everything out of proportion and believe hypotheses to be realities - and then they go and blow up buildings and all that. Currently, BIG TECH is making that BIG MISTAKE. But ya gotta love em cuz who else do you got?

In any case, there are gravity variations across the globe, which we have known for a while, but which have been illuminated lately due to the work of recent satellites. This is how we determined that California is sinking, probably due to excessive water use, (which will one day exhaust itself).

PS - Sites which deem themselves paranormal like to exaggerate headlines and facts and pics - just to grab their target audience, which includes some crazy people and some normal people and some very smart intense thinkers such as you and me. Note the absurd pic of the floating man. This leads kids and crazy people to think the world is in far more intense gravitational distress than it actually is.

But facts are facts, including the facts that the geomagnetic field and poles are becoming unsettled. And probably including the strange case of time perturbations in Nevada, but I cannot vouch for that. I can speak about time at some later... time...

Read all about the bizarreness of NEVADA HERE - including that article about the space-time warp near Las Vegas, um hummm...
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