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Baby Alpaca In The Kitchen: Waiting For Florence On The Farm

Posted on 2018.09.14 at 14:34
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Note that this story is from the TEXT vesion of the NPR website, (https://text.npr.org/). That is a good thing to keep a note of. More sites should have text versions. Why?

Text versions use up far less bandwidth than regular sites, thus they load super-fast. That is a big advantage for people using dial-up - including people in natural disasters.

Also: Since there are no pics or special scripts, there is far less chance there will be any embedded virus to infect your computer. AND: dial-up is more secure than WiFi, etc., for a number of reasons, primarilly: Your dial-up IP changes every time you log in, and so you are difficult to track. Dial-up is the next best thing to ham radio. Maybe.

Speaking of which: If anyone knows of any kind of site which is a hub for giving out info on emergency services, at various emergencies and crises, such as the radio frequencies for active ham radios or etc., please let me know!

Speaking of NPR - I recommend you check out "Science Friday" Hour Two, for stuff about soil, and about PLANT INTELLIGENCE. That's a special subject for me which I don't post a lot about because all my links keep going into one folder for a mega-post, (for later).

You can keep up with disaster info at crisis_911. If you need help with your life, you can also ask for it there, or at wish_list. The more people who join these communities, the more they become able to help.

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