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I am the person who will destroy China.


Remember back when you were a small animal just enjoying and experiencing life, and everything was odd, confusing and new? Even at this late date in my existence I still get those same feelings every time the world ends. Tonight, for instance. Wanna see a trick?

Pull out your cell phone compass, or a regular compass, and watch what the "North" needle tries to do. Do this now - do not wait until you are drunk. Look at that. Unlike all other normal times, the needle does not want to point due north. Instead, it is weaseling around, this way or that, up to 45 degrees AWAY from North. If you stop and think: THIS IS NOT WHAT COMPASSES ARE SUPPOSED TO DO.

As you stand there, fiddling with this little toy, the actual magnetic north pole of the planet is now rushing southward into Canada and towards you. It is now hundreds of miles away from what we think of as the (physical) north pole. It is a migrant. An immigrant.

Read that again.

If you were an Arctic explorer, and you approached the 'true north' (magnetic) pole, your compass would start to twirl around in various directions OFF of the big N. When you finally stood OVER true north, then the compass would tell you that ANY direction is north.

Tonight, this is happening a little bit, AS THE NORTH POLE RUSHES IN THIS DIRECTION. That is why your compass is fucked up.

Oh isn't it swell to be alive?

This happened once before, maybe around 2015. I posted about it. But the mainstream media said nothing about the north pole going crazy. Because they were probably told not to.

As you know, the FBI shut down the solar observatory in Sunspot, NM a few days ago, giving no explanation. Can you generate ideas on why this might have happened? Sleep on this. I have also heard that several other observatories were shut down simultaneously as well. What do you suppose?

I have been writing that we are in an electrical universe, on an electric planet, where consciousness is everywhere. I have been observing strange strange phenomena. I have posted about magnetic pole shifts and climate change and so on. We have been experiencing loud booms, 'trumpets', flashes, mass die-offs, earthquakes, solar radiation, and so on.

At the present moment, heightened energy on the planet has presented a total of NINE large storms, all at once, including Hurricane Florence. These are more than surface disturbances - they are manifestations of a vast global - and solar systemic - change. Aided by industrial activity, our globe is now heating from the inside out. And these vast changes are all attended by changes in electricity, magnetics, atomic, and even quantum forces - affecting life, emotions, time, everything - everything else.

What a shock - that gas fires would erupt in Boston, not far from the hurricane, relatively. Because these great masses of contrasting static energies - they make sparks. They make change. Like the flashes after earthquakes. Or the orbs preceding them.

I really can't write more. Please search 'magnetic pole shift' and see my tags under 'geological' or under 'electric universe'.

I am soooooooooo sick and guess what?

We have been pummelled by the sun for the past two weeks.


Earth's Magnetic Field Can Reverse Poles Ridiculously Quickly

Earth's Magnetic Field Could Flip in Our Lifetime - Live Science

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