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I am the person who will destroy China.

Yo, More La Tengo...

Latest CDs:

Jem - Finally Woken
Liz Phair - Juvenilia
Garbage - Bleed Like Me
No Doubt - Everything In Time

I gotta start buying guy metal again...

Stockholm Syndrome - Yo La Tengo

What's the matter, why don't you answer
What's the matter with me
Cause it's so hard to be
Free and easy, we'll disappear completely
Hardly as I've known it's glad

You're heart is broken, and the doors are open
As you're hoping to be
There's brighter places to see
Hands need warning, early in the morning
Hardly as I've known a surprise

No, don't warn me
I know it's wrong, but I swear it won't take long
And I know, you know,
It makes me sigh; I do believe in love

Another season, but the same old feelings
Another reason could be
I'm tired of aching, summer's what you make it
But I'll believe what I want to believe

Damage - Yo La Tengo

not much a friday night, pinball
glorious sight walked out of the past and into the bar
i used to think about you all the time
i would think about you all the time
now it just feels weird, cause there you are

ah ah ah ah oh
ah ah ah ahh
ah ah ah ah oh
ah ah ah ahh

the damage is done

i feel like a kid again
my eyes are glued to the floor
i hope i mumbled goodbye as you walked out the door

ah ah ah ah ohh
ah ah ah ahh
ah ah ah ah ohh
ah ah ah ah

the damage is done

Shadows - Yo La Tengo

Scold me, that's all you've got to say
Coldly hurt me and turn away
You say I'm not sorry that
I'm resolved to what is next
I head for the shadows

Hold me, taking it back in tears
You've told me, slowly confessed your fears
But I've got myself to protect
It's too soon for me to forget
I wait in the shadows

In the shadows, where I end up loved
They help me see that I've finally won
We wait in your heart

So until I truly believe
That your words convey what you mean
I wait in the shadows
I wait in the shadows
I don't mind the shadows

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