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I am the person who will destroy China.



For The Lost Girl.

I'm in the world to win
That's old news
And the world rushes in
And you know how it goes
It gets under your skin

It tries to take hold
Where there's an in, it will blow
Like oxygen, burning cold
Until so little air is left
It's like it's taken your soul

But it doesn't. You're just alone
And winning, still
Carrying on, alone
This life is still yours
And the world is what you own

Like leaves falling on a lake
One day the way will come
When you see a path to take
A break upon the winter waves
You'll save the day, and the world is won

All my days have been water treading
Or diving for pearls, as you will
Far too long, longer than many
And I've seen what's down there
And I know where I'm heading

It hurts
It has always hurt
Sometimes I can't mow the turf
Without you to dream about
I can't look into the skies unhurt

Without seeing the look in your eyes
Remembering the work
The years that brought me to you
Awakening to the light
Or the tears, reflecting from your eyes

And I could not let that go
I could not go on with another good-bye
As if something in you I did not know
I still refuse to go on without you
Because it's important to me, so

I know I am a difficult guy
Very strange to figure through water waves
Which is no excuse, I don't know why
It's been this way, but I am to blame
I know I am, and yet I have the right

To cry, I think, and I do
I remember you, I remember you
It's not like I spend my life
Obsessed - although that's an easy view
In a world filled without me or you

Easier and easier, I suppose it is, out there
Stronger and stronger the truth
Is weighed against me, as it has dared
My entire life - slings and arrows
Which I never thought necessary

But they're there, I'm the fool
I am nowhere
I am swimming lost in the pool
Of your eyes, in the nightmare
Of my life, and God, I look so cool

Ha! Anyway. I didn't mean that
Long and angry stare, as if you weren't there
I only meant to say, I'm here, that
I'm not the only one playing this game
This weird, thing going on, that

Frightened you.
So stupid. To fixate on something
I need not say sorry for, but I truly
Always have been. And I never meant
To haunt you, I thought maybe that was "truth."

Hmmmm. My own little hope for truth.
Which I deserve, I do, but not at your expense.
If you mean something to me, you
Shall never be expensive to me.
The girl I never met, but maybe you,

I had hoped, might have sensed something more
Which I did. Which is what I won't leave.
Which I fought to keep away from your
Independent and sparkling heart
Leaving my will at your far away door.

I was hurt, and you didn't deserve hurt
This world that has rushed up around me
Is not who I am. I am someone worth
A second look, at least, I am someone
Who would win the world with you

And for you, in my romantic mind
Hidden away in forgotten corners,
Childhood disappeared, lonely and kind
And spyring on, beyond this lonely town
Which I forgive. And I expect in kind.

I sat on the shore the other night
With a bright-eyed boy who was full of dreams
Catarizing into arrogant lies
Til he seemed dead before even being given the chance
To realize the truth within his life.

The wonder of life is good enough,
Any real person will tell you.
Anyone who wins the world and keeps his soul
Will tell you all the world stands just fine
In the magic wanderings of love.

That's really all I wanted to say.



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