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Neener - We can act just like you once did!

Here's an article from the best liberal magazine in the world, the Atlantic.  It says some of what I said in my recent 'review' - but at length and more boringly.

One Way That Crazy Rich Asians Is a Step Backward

Despite its groundbreaking nature, the film also takes care to represent its characters according to white norms.

Watching the gauche opulence on display in Crazy Rich Asians, it’s hard not to think of Fitzgerald’s musings on the perils of conspicuous consumption. The new film (adapted from the 2013 novel by Kevin Kwan) follows the Chinese American professor Rachel Chu (played by Constance Wu) as she’s whisked away into the world of Singapore’s 1 percent to meet the family of her billionaire boyfriend Nick Young (Henry Golding). Replete with money shots of multimillion-dollar estates, super-yacht bachelor parties, and skyscraper-rooftop pools, the film flirts with messages about privilege, immigrant striving, and the disconnect between Asians and Asian Americans—before ultimately abandoning such ideas for a fairy-tale ending that cements the movie as a celebratory work of affluence-porn

(Hit title link to see full article on your computer machine).

There are at least two other articles about this movie in the Atlantic.

See tag above for my post:  (movies - 'crazy rich asians')

Oh - btw - It is irritating to hear NPR go on about this movie having a, "diverse cast."  That is twisting the language a bit.  Like the word 'sex' became 'gender'.  In fact, this movie has a very limitted cast, made up mainly by Chinese people or people who are supposed to appear Chinese.  Same deal: An all-black movie has as diverse a cast as an all-white movie.  Let's get it real here.  Maybe we could call these movies, which mean to add diversity to the bigger picture, "ethnically indie," or something.
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