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5000-year-old monument was built by a society without leaders

SEARCH in New Scientist for: '5000-year-old monument was built by a society without leaders'

And what's this?  Did you know?...

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How our ancestors with autistic traits led a revolution in Ice Age art: The ability to focus on detail, a common trait among people with autism, allowed realism to flourish in Ice Age art -- ScienceDaily

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I really doubt that whole giant footprint thing, but I think it is completely possible that there were earlier civilisations, even as other species. I do believe Homo Erectus was much more advanced and civilised than we presently realise. And, other intelligenet species may certainly have come and gone many millions of years ago.

It's like: One we thought it was impossible for the Earth to be going around the sun; or that we were not the centre of the universe. But then scientific tools showed us otherwise. Later, we thought it was impossible for life to exist elsewhere in the universe, and now we know that life is virtually guaranteed out there - amidst abundant amino acids, planets and water. We also thought Neandertals were dumb brutes but now we have been finding that they were as smart or smarter than us.

So, finding out that there may have been other civilisations many millions of years ago - even via visitations from aliens - well, this is all part of the process of us opening up our little tiny seed-like primate mind.

Do you know that the Earth might have been much smaller, and this is why the dinosaurs were so big? Because there was less gravity. And more oxygen. So they just skipped and hopped around like in a Disney movie. I don't know if this is true, but it is good to dream, right?

See also: 'Baghdad Battery'

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