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Cuts to migrant projects fuel local tensions, warns report

Here's a report that reflects the same blind-spot that occurs in establishment WDC.  Yes, as long as immigrants are coming in, then they should get help, or else tensions will naturally occur.  But what the locals have in mind is reducing immigration, because immigration is, a priori, the actual problem.  Immigration is what is demanding either taxpayers help or else local tensions.  The report completely misses the view of the locals.  Rather, it is a production of think-tank bureaucracy by posh numbskulls only interested in appearing correct and keeping their jobs...

Cuts to migrant projects fuel local tensions, warns report

Lack of help to find English lessons and jobs is a barrier to integration, think-tank says

Repeated calls from ministers for migrants to integrate have been undermined by major cuts in key programmes designed to help them settle, a new study has warned.

A failure to help is also locking many new arrivals into low-paid work and helping to raise local tensions, according to a study by the Institute for Public Policy Research think-tank (IPPR). It found there had been dramatic cuts in funding for English lessons and other help, and that more than 37% of EU migrants are overqualified for their jobs in the UK.

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Once again - as long as there are immigrants, then the help is needed, for the immigrants' humanity, (as well as the quieting of the 'xenophobic' locals).  That does not mean that immigration levels may be good or natural.  With global warming, immigration has become a real problem worldwide!  It is unnatural to expect locals to dutifully accept it.
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