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I am the person who will destroy China.

The Talking Monkey

Words are amazing.  You know what?  You could study words, and eventually find out everything you need to know about humanity, the past, the world.  Everything.

Words are conspiracy theories.  Each word alludes to something else.  Because all words fit into a subconscious, universal grid of meaning and interconnection.  Therefore, each word portends worlds.

I once wrote a poem where the smash-digger ending was a connexion between three similarly-sounding words: Sole, Soil, and Soul.  Similar-meaning: Because, yes, our feet are bound to the soil, our souls are invested in the soil.

Add to this the idea that, while "sol", in French, means soil, "soleil," means, SUN.  Think about this.  Soil and sun are almost genetically linked together, as being virtually the same thing.  Isn't that amazing to you?

And we find our salvation as much through being buried in the SOIL as being raised by the SOLEIL.

We bury to reach the Sun.

These things don't happen by accident.  The creation of our language/s has been going on for a LONG time.  We were mere animals when it started, and then it kept back-washing upon back-washing, so that things kept refining until eventually sounds conformed to what made sense, and vice versa.  Recent studies have shewn that particular sounds denote the same things in all languages.

So, here a blockbuster - you can say, YOU FIRST HEARD IT HERE!...

Of course, you have all heard the recent news story about how Neandertal and Desnisovans got it on, in a sexually explicit manner, right?  We also know that Neandertal fucked our homo sapiens women, for better and worse.  This is all an absolutely fascinating area of research.  OK - recognise all this?  Good.  Do you know what all this MEANS?

This fucking means that WE ALL SHARED SOME LANGUAGE.

We wouldn't have been going that far, at a time when at least some of us had language, when we couldn't be sharing basic language meanings or fundamentals with each other, of separate sub-species.

Sloths yowl.  Monkeys talk.  Birds discourse.  So.  When Neandertal got it on with Sapiens or Denisovans, they had some root language going on.

Do you have any idea what this means, or how revolutionary it is?

Many of our, (Indo-European, etc.), words can ultimately be traced back to Neandertal.

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