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Toute les Choses, Sous le Soleil, Pour Votres Derangemente


String Theory May Create Far Fewer Universes Than Thought - Scientific American

Massive NASA space blanket will be created for Burning Man | Daily Mail Online

Jennifer Aniston is 'not heartbroken' over Justin Theroux split | Daily Mail Online

Scientists Finally Figure Out What Hats Do

Listen: We Now Know What Ancient Greek Music Sounded Like

'Sexual Assault of Men Is a Real Problem and Not a Joke': Samantha Bee Calls For #MenToo

Donald Trump’s Orange Face May Be Funny — But This Tanning Historian Say It Masks Something Deeper

Panda celebrates birthday with bamboo bread cupcakes [Video]

The house that healed my migraines - The Guardian


Young women 'not having enjoyable sex'

Weird things caused by hot weather

A Mysterious, Powerful Force is Flinging Radio Waves at Us From Deep Space

What you looking at? From neighbours to Netflix staff, how looking at people became a crime

There’s No Such Thing As A ‘Global Heat Wave’ | The Daily Caller

Space-Time Warp May Exist Near Las Vegas – Could This Explain Why Time Slows Down In The Area?

What Is The Curse Of The Ninth Symphony?

Rasputin – Controversial Mystic With Healing Powers – An Evil Or Misunderstood Man?

Incredible Ancient Star Map Depicting Our Galaxy Is Hidden In Africa

Hesperides – Greek Nymphs Who Guarded Fabled Garden With Divine Apples Of Immortality

Crash, boom, bang! Lightning causes nuclear reactions, crowd-funded experiment finds — RT World News

Nasa solves mystery of the whistling sounds in space | Daily Mail Online


Oldest-ever igneous meteorite contains clues to planet building blocks

Probiotic use is a link between brain fogginess, severe bloating

Mice individuality is influenced by their relations

Science’s search for a super banana

Cash-Strapped NRA Forced To Shoot Dozens Of Redundant Employees

Vibrator in luggage sparks bomb scare, shuts down Berlin airport

20-year grudge behind slaying of former Bush doctor: US...

Most men have penises that grow by less than 4cm when erect

Heartwarming moment giraffe gives birth in the wild in front of astonished tourists

Manafort Shares Tense Silence With Rick Gates On Car Ride Back From Trial

Climate Researchers Warn Only Hope For Humanity Now Lies In Possibility They Making All Of This Up


Donald Trump may finally appoint a science adviser after 18 month wait

12-Foot Great White Shark Surprises Researcher When It Jumps Right Out Of The Water In ‘Wild’ Video

Bizarre Rogue 'Planet' with Incredible Auroras Puzzles Scientists

Skeletal creations walk the shoreline

Call for a ban on people eating dog meat in the UK

Cows help cops catch car chase suspect


Alex Jones’ Lawyer Just Defended Him By Claiming That No One Is Supposed To Take Him Seriously


NASA Astronaut Says He Saw An ‘Organic, Alien-Like Creature’ in Shuttle Payload Bay

Danny DeVito: Illegal Aliens Being Held in ‘Concentration Camps’

Mother Orca Spotted Carrying Dead Calf For 17th Day

Woman helps man short on cash, finds out he's Keith Urban

Lindsay Lohan 'sorry' for Me Too 'weak women' comments



Scientists shocked as woman with super sensitive nose demonstrates ability to literally sniff out cancer in other humans

Girlfriend Slowly Becoming Radicalized By New Skin-Care Blog

Interesting Links for 18-08-2018 - Made from Truth and Lies

Rainbow trout can now be called salmon in China

Vaping 'can damage vital immune system cells'

South Atlantic Anomaly – Could Black Holes On Earth Be Portals To Parallel Universes? | MessageToEagle.com


Relaxing e-cigarette laws would cut smoking deaths, say MPs

Research reveals the average Australian office is dirtier than a toilet

Chelsea Clinton claims abortions added "trillions" to the U.S. economy... huh?

(Note: I forgot to get the link about Stevie Wonder saying that global warming killed Aretha Franklin, but you can look that up).

Mysterious mirror video shows boy’s reflection walking before he moves (POLL)

No one's home: Europe's abandoned houses

Ma salle de baine est tres insane... tbc...

PS - Don't talk to strangers.
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