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Tawny Frog-mouth!

I normally repost Sir Terry's wonderful nature posts via 'SHARE' - so that the pics are visible - (as opposed to reposting via 'EMBED').  This is an added perk for anyone who actually goes in and explores my journal pages, but these SHARED posts do not show up on the RSS feed.  Today, I am reposting Sir Terry via copy/paste, so the RSS readers can peer in, and the pic is visible to all...

from sirterrywatts:

The Tawny Frog-mouth is a bird found almost everywhere in Australia. Living in almost every woodland habitat you can find them. Except for the Nullabor, far western Queensland, the more central regions of Australia; that include the Central Desert of the Northern Territory. They enjoy their forests much more.

A lot can be said about these owls; however, they really are a master of camouflage. If you know where to look you stand a good chance of finding them as they are rather common. They often like to sit silent and still, looking like a broken off tree branch. For the most part, they do a very good job too.

The only thing that may give them away up close, is the magnificent yellow eye.

Be sure to go view his whole journal - it is amazing!
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