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I am the person who will destroy China.

Resident Alien

The will to thrive is the premise of all evolution.

The greatest and only evil is death.

More people would understand Morrissey if he added rope tricks to his performance.

Free will - https://plato.stanford.edu/entries/freewill/

Evil - https://plato.stanford.edu/entries/concept-evil/

After a lot of severe CFS, I defied my dog and pushed myself to go see, "Crazy Rich Asians." "Alpha," was also showing but I forgot what this movie was and that I wanted to see it - so maybe next week when we're all free men again.

Gladly, I got my fill of worshipping celebrity wealthiness years ago and it bored me because all it is is arrested development. Bubbles of postponing reality for as long as possible, at the expense of all the real little people. What was that TV show, with the Aussie guy, all about rich people? Yeah that's so done. Watching all that with a queer aye, I think I figured it all out. Even though the only think that might cure my CFS is RICH, I don't need it, and no one wants to invest RICH in curing me. That's just not how it works. Ergo reality.

So, I really did not flutter along with all the giddy opulence of the movie. Therefore, much of the movie was uninteresting. A lot of it was just a repackaging of Western eltie culture into a Chinese box. Which is sad and same as it ever was. The story/plot was simple, and predictable but not overly so. But, it gets better. I think it is worth seeing - beyond the so-called revolutionary value of an all-Asian cast, which is silly. Several hot babes and dudes, with the two leads, of course, being the most western-style. (Still, not as much so as in similar movies in the past). The main actress was really lovely, and Awkwafina(sp?) was also great. A little problem with the genetics of the faces, as often happens in black films, but still not terrible.

On the one hand, this was a movie about Western culture, now transformed by wealth into Chinese. It incorporated standard, traditional movie roles, motifs and twists - in the standard culture of posh parties and flowery drinks and so forth. This would be a regular rom-com if it weren't for the fact that it is actually a romance with some humour and, oh, everyone is Chinese, woo hoo. But, many of the Chinese were, like, gay and, erm, American, which is actually the main thing that made the movie interesting to me and my forlorne gumptions. lol.

On the other hand, this movie also wanted to touch meaningfully on issues with Chinese culture which, despite the wealth portrayed, remains highly conservative and, "we only like OUR KIND." Yeah, China really has a problem with that, um, xenophobia, or, um, racism - far more than does the USA. It's a problem - and kudos to the movie although the movie meant it more as a sort of family quirk. How special.

The movie also pointed to something that I never hear anyone talk about: How viscious the Chinese can be - towards whomever. It's a characteristic common through history - and I am not being racist here when I say the movie highlighted this additional quirk. BUT. Rich snotty people are viscous everywhere, so, the jury stays out on this one.

The actors in this movie seemed partly immitative of regular western actors, like Shaylene Woodley and her guy friends. Still, Chinese folks seem to be parading as Westerners and, that can't last forever, right? At some point, ebullience takes its culture to where the money is.

I liked this movie, with a B-, considering also that other people would like it more than me - because it is basically just another movie movie, OK? Not too much more except for some great timing and title effects. I have to say that it moved pretty well, even while I wasn't always interested in where it was going.

This movie reminds me of all the Chinese influences in my life, which I guess desrve another post.

Hey. So, yesterday I came upon TWO FUCKING COCKROACHES - all of the sudden and all in one day. I was able to kill one but the other got away. (Last year, there were maybe 7 and I killed ALL of them, yo). I have started spraying Ant/Roach spray, and staring to clean, despite the heavy CFS probs. NOW begins a major effort to CLEAN and KILL everything. I thought I was safe, since the piggish neighbours next-door moved out - but maybe the LL cleaning that house forced all those cockroaches to flee over here! Anyway, now begins this horrid trek of fighting them, which includes making the apt. as cold as possible whenever I can. Not so easy to do in August.

I came home from the movie and, somehow, some kind of tiny insect things were floating at the edges of the water in two bins I had in my sinks. Plus one in another bin. I have no idea if these are fruit fly lava or baby cockroaches or what. Freaking weird. I poured bleach in the water which actually seems to have scant effect against fly larva but idk.

Made a bunch of great pizza sauce yesterday. I have two pizza discs(?!) waiting in my fridge but I think I will wait until Friday when I get a pizza from Papa Murphy's, to use it. I'll have bought mushrooms and more by then. And that will give me a chance to flirt. But this whole BUS thing is so fucked. You know. With my life here. I feel it just slipping into oblivion and it seems that this is the way that people around here expect things to be. Reminds me of some movie. 11:11
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