I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

for truly I am insane

I went to pick up dogness and ended up sitting with the girl groomer as she did some more brushing, and clipped her nails, and did the flea thing, while I held on to my beloved princess. It was nice. Then the girl went outside and waved as I left.

Then took dogness for a walk in the park.

Then went to McDonalds for coffee and sundae. As I parked, there were these cute girls in fronta my car, so we spent a lot of time looking as they walked. They smiled at my sunglasses and bare chest. So - they were bringing food to their car. Then they sat there, and decided to get out and follow me inside instead, where they asked for a tray. They sat down to eat, and so did I. I looked over every once in a while in patient coolness. Then the taller blonde did this Miss America walk over to get a napkin or something, and I marvelled at her swivel-hips. She looked back, and they giggled. Well - I knew the giggling shouldn't bother me, since they had followed me in. So. Sweet. I was done, and I left. But I threw a little flower into the blonde girl's car seat before I drove of with me and maddog.

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