I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

Putin urges Europe to help rebuild Syria so refugees can return

Just a reminder, on Syria...  The "USA" was essentially on the side of ISIS, as it was with Al Qaeda, etc.  So was Saudi Arabia (9/11) and Israel.  This is why Obama dragged his feet on fighting them, and actually sent them warnings on upcoming bombing missions, and ran sorties out into nowhere, dropping very little bombs.  I studied all this some years ago, but then my laptop blew up.  Anyway, the people who have actually been fighting ISIS have been Russia and Iran, our mortal enemies.  They dare to think they can fight ISIS and keep Assad in power at the same time.  But the whole POINT for us, rationalising every stupid move and exppenditure, is that WE WANT TO REMOVE ASSAD.  That is the whole point.  So, "we" have lied about his chemical weapons capabilities and actions, etc.  Because we want to go in and OWN Syria - for the gas and oil and the future GMO crops - same way we want to own Ukraine.  I don't say these things spuriously.  The plans go back before PNAC (do a search) and to military and corporate plans even before Reagan.  And we are captured by the Israel lobby as well as the Saudie / Petro Dollar relationship - but also by old Cold War thinking - and military plans to grab lands which will produce food in the future, during global warming - and that also includes Turkey.  It is the same old resource imperialism which once turned Japan into a global menace.

We can't make deals with Putin since he is the new Satan.

American never grew up, and soon it will be over.

Note that the only reason we are now able to talk about rebuilding Syria is because Donald Trump actually did what Putin has been doing consistently and carefully for years, he went in and destroyed ISIS - exactly what the military-deep-state complex DID NOT WANT.  With so much power and money invested in their warped plans, is it ANY WONDER we have been having this perverse Russiagate mania, and the insistence that we will all get AIDS if Trump merely MEETS with Putin?  I don't love most of what Trump does, (like advancing 'Blackwater' in Afghanistan), but he is fighting dark powers that be, and I am alarmed that so few people are capable of tearing away from the fake news and petty sensationalism and the me-too! pile-on groupism and the partisan HATE, to SEE what has really been going on.  There are reasons you are being taught to hate Putin, and Trump, and Jones, and others.  It is because they stand in the way of vast selfishly vested interests - of elites that no longer give their allegiance to this country, but to a grid overlaying the other 99% trying to live in peace and sense across the Globe.
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