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'Alex Jones Pirate Radio' Story Admitted to be FAKE

Posted on 2018.08.19 at 00:47
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It doesn't matter if it was false - They deliberately keep throwing crap at this guy and his operation, just to taint his name, bankrupt him, and shut his operation down before the midterm elections, if possible.  I am going to call this, "Yellow Politics," in remembrance of the, W.R.Hearst, "Yellow Journalism," leading up to the Spanish-American War.  Yellow, as in cowardly and slimy.

Similarly, Yellow Politics, (melding the corporate media with partisanship with the deep state intelligence and military conspiracy), applies to the deliberate fomenting of, "Russophobia," which has deemed the Russian state, (ergo Putin, ergo Trump), GUILTY-by-indictment-only, with no need for any actual trial.  Just keep grinding out those news stories blaming the 'enemies' of being fake news.  And hope the majority public misses the hypocrisy.

Note that the present establishment conspiracy does not just include Clinton DNC Dems, but most Bush and establishment Republicans as well.  Working for the globalist corporate establishment, against Trump - it would have been against Bernie if Bernie had been in office presently.

Mass Correction: Mainstream Media Retracts False Infowars Pirate Radio Story

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