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SPOTLIGHT: Pedophilia Scandal, Vatican, Groupism and Blame.

Note: A major problem with groups is being labelled, whether deservedly or not.  Often, groups WANT to be labelled, all together, in one lump sum, because that is the comfort of mindless groupism itself.  But, sometimes outsiders blame innocent people in a labelled group for the sins of the guilty people in that group.  Sometimes, all that is needed is the label, and not even any group at all.  At certain times, people tend to lump dsiparate, unique individuals under one label, under which the innocent get blamed - along with the guilty.

That is what I see happening once again, this time in reference to Catholic priests.  Not all Catholic priests are child rapists, even though it may sometimes feel that the Catholic church should be reclassified as a cult, due to its seeming religious ritual of child sacrifice.  But, the fact is that the main problem, after the crimes of many individual priests, is that a lot of the church's Authority/ structure has enabled and hidden these crimes.  ONCE AGAIN, a lot of innocent people are being harmed, and people are being set against each other, and group against group, all because of the arrogance of the power elite.

Groupism, and labelling, (along with this manipulation by the power elites), not only tends to pull the innocent under the wide, vain blanket of blame, it concurrently tends to let the truly guilty rather off-the-hook.  All for the sake of the group, all for the sake of the label, and ultimately for the selfishness of the divide-and-conquer elites, within the walls of the Absolutes, everything is evened out, each member is somehow somewhat equal under the system's facsimile of justice.  All is a blur under the eyes of god.

Label or groupism, that is the comfort and the safety and the sacrifice or payment made.  To assumed shared adherence to wide-ranging, abstract, fundamentalist concepts or values - such as the love of innocence, which, under dysfunction, therefore is easilly perverted into the rape of innocence.  It is a grand mistake common with all human over-superstition.  Note, I also believe that superstition is endemic and necessary in the race, and even exists throughout scientific thought, so.  Once you get a gang of people fallign in line behind a somewhat abstract faith in authorities, the opportunistic/contrarian nature of primate humans can lead some members and many authorities to degenerate into abuse.

Usually, merely the shadow of guilt or blame, internally or externally, can be enough to compel corruption. Usually, that sin involves the tantalising, elusive spectre of Money. But, often it can be the hope of power, escape, or regaining lost love.

When we urgently blame the innocent along with, or instead of, the guilty, we only perpetuate the deeper dysfunction, and the dark power of the elites.

To many, insufficient, I think this pope has been unconventional in his address of this plague.

Note: Check out movie: "Spotlight"
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