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* - galaxy

Pre-election attack on Alex Jones continues as planned...

Posted on 2018.08.16 at 20:12
Along with illness, I have been thwarted online for the last 3 days. Waiting hours just to reach a site is crazy. And, I am sure much, if not all, of this is part of the great overall scheme of things. But, I won't get into all that cuz talking tech just turns people off and makes them think you are some nebulous conspiracy theorist. I will say it mainly began when I linked InfoWars, and it intensified when I did the Dems/Brennan post. I'm sure my global warming posts don't get me in trouble. ANYwhooo...







Alex Jones’ flagship radio station shut down by Federal Communications Commission - https://www.rt.com/usa/436082-alex-jones-radio-shutdown/


Actually, my compu/net still isn't better, and this is why the links are incomplete.

Nice to hear Ben Gibbard back.

Note - If you have Windows 10 here is a good product to help retain privacy from MS - https://givawayoftheday.livejournal.com/1214062.html

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