where hypotheses come to die (madman101) wrote,
where hypotheses come to die

A sad and pathetic story...

I read a quote that the recent suicidal plane pilot, "had a few screws loose." I have come to think that most people in the Seatle area are batty. But the following guy is from Utah. Maybe it's the whole Western half of the country. Because, before the wildfires, there was also a rash of wild attack and zombie animals all over the West.

Anyway, this Utah douche is an example, writ large, of the pettiness of living in an urban environment, these days, rife with passive and micro-aggressions. Too bad, in clean, godly Utah, some people cannot take the pettiness anymore - (or the civil bureaucracy) - even in Utah. Well, there are so many examples of mass-shooters, wildfire-setters, abusers, beheaders, and so on - it's all sad. In the story below, nature and the innocent once again must suffer for the crimes of man...

Man says he killed city worker over yard rule ‘harassment’
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