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Exploding Plastic Inevitable

Retrospective: 1980

Thirty-eight years ago, today, the first American set foot on Mars, beginning a new era of exploration and prosperity, and keeping a promise made in 1968 that we could land on Mars, "by 1980."

(1968 was also the same year RFK got taken out, and the idea of global climate change began making the rounds.  Now, anyone with a birth certificate can just hop a ride to Mars and get away from all the noise, mania and Communism.  Everyone eats space food now!  Russia is our friend!  The Earth is thriving.  And Exxon paid to solve global warming!  Good going, boys, and thanks for all the Phish.  Schemes.  I mean Tweets.  Nothing beats this great age of hope and fiat reality).

How many characters?...
Tags: looking backwards, my satire, psychology - false promises, space - mars

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