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Note a few interesting things from the graphs:  TuzMANya is bucking the trend.  Graphs 1 and 2 show extra rainfall in the west of the little state, and no drought in graph 3.  The Perth area is also doing well, while around the cape(?) nearby, the coast is in drought.  The SE of Western Australia has a round blob where there has suddenly been extra precip.  Mostly, the drought is hitting NSW, which is more temperately green, and so more populated, than the rest of the country.  But also, some wine-making areas in the south/bay areas are being hit.  Considering that wine is being hit in France - and California - and these trends will only continue - then the cost of wine will be going the way of vanilla soon, and there will be plenty of opportunity to make a buck off of it, if there are any young global warming entrepreneurs out there... Like I always say, when the world is on fire, always go for the bubbles...

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