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Trump Insists Collusion Is Not A Crime

‘Collusion is not a crime,’ says Trump, as Mueller-Manafort trial begins

Ex-FBI Chief of Staff Demolishes Trump Team's Latest Defense: 'Collusion Is a Crime'

FBI Launched Investigation Two Years Ago -- Still No Collusion Found

Trump Is in Major Legal and Political Trouble — His Desperate Attempts to Escape Could Lead America to Catastrophe

Dershowitz: Mueller Is Just Trying To ‘Squeeze’ Manafort To Get Something On Trump

Is There Irrefutable Evidence of the Trump Campaign's Collusion with Russia?

FBI's Conspiracy Theory Has No Clothes

Yes There Was Collusion

Dianne Feinstein Says She Still Hasn’t Seen Evidence Of Collusion [VIDEO]

'Collusion Involves at Least Four Crimes': MSNBC Host Explains Why Giuliani's Latest Defense of Trump Is So Wrong

Democrats' Impeachment Army: $110 Million, 1000 Staff, 2000 Volunteers

Bombshell Report Offers ‘Strongest Evidence to Date Implicating’ Trump in Criminal Obstruction: 'All But Inevitable'

Trump-Russia Connection: Key Questions Answered

'Podesta emails showed Facebook colluded with Clinton', Assange reminds

CNN Is Finished: New Leak Reveals DNC Wrote Questions For Trump CNN Interview | Wikileaks

A 40-year history of deceit and collusion: How the EPA has been lying to you about the health hazards of pesticides

Democrats’ obsession with Russiagate will allow ‘Republican wrecking ball’ to dismantle US – Chomsky

Noam Chomsky: U.S. Must Improve Relations with Russia and Challenge the Expansion of NATO

Russian President Vladimir Putin has invited President Trump to Moscow just days after the White House postponed a planned meeting between the two leaders in Washington until after the midterm elections. The invitation to Moscow comes after Trump and Putin met for a summit in Helsinki, Finland, earlier this month. For more about U.S.-Russian relations, we speak with world-renowned political dissident, author, and linguist Noam Chomsky. He is a laureate professor in the Department of Linguistics at the University of Arizona and Professor Emeritus at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where he taught for more than 50 years.

‘Deep State social media meddles in US elections’ – Kim Dotcom slams ‘Zuckerspy & Jack the Ripper’

Putin Says “Powerful Forces” In U.S. Aggravating Russian-American Tensions

How the Russiagate Conspiracy Benefits Those in Power

Ron Paul: “Secret Government” Responsible For Fanning Russia Hysteria

Facebook Deletes Official Alex Jones Page

YouTube deletes videos from Alex Jones' InfoWars

Twitter in total DENIAL about its shadow banning of conservatives

USEFUL IDIOTS: How Our Intelligence Agencies Helped Putin Weaken America

Russophobia digest part 2: This week’s top scare stories in the MSM

52% of Democrats believe Russia tampered with the "Vote Totals" to get Trump elected president
Poll: Majority Of Democrats WRONGLY Believe Russia Messed With The 2016 Vote
Conspiracy Theorists: Poll Shows Majority of Democrats Falsely Believe Russia Hacked Election Results

‘Ridiculous propaganda’: Users slam NATO’s online fake news game
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