where hypotheses come to die (madman101) wrote,
where hypotheses come to die

Remembering those early days...

The Garden of Eden experiment created, monitored and manipulated by Other Intelligences including the tall Praying Mantis being at gate; the two extraterrestrial biological entity (EBEN) scientist types in front of the Praying Mantis directing “Adam and Eve” to leave the Garden where a Mesopotamian/Reptilian ziggurat is seen beyond the wall; assisting in the Garden of Eden experiment are small, gray-skinned androids with large slanted eyes that often wear blue leotard-type uniforms with a circle patch that encircles a triangle; and the Tall humanoids, often described as having shoulder-length blond hair or longer copper red hair or even black hair and often wearing shoulder-to-feet robes. Illustration © 1984 by Debbie Pagliughi and Beau Peterson, The Order. - earthfiles.com
Tags: adam and eve, aliens, bible stories, mythology, religion - aliens and, ufo's, weird vs. weird
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