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The Sirens of Titan

All eyes are on the Moon and Mars tonight, and so I am posting about the moon of Saturn, called Titan.  Titan is considered to be the most likely harbinger of extraterrestrial life in the solar system, although there are other contenders, such as Europa, and Ceres: The tiny world where volcanoes erupt ice.

Titan Looks Cool in Infrared

The Sirens of Titan - by Kurt Vonnegut, (Recommended) - Wiki

The Return of Saturn - (Artificial Sweetener) by No Doubt.

Saturn was a king of the gods, representing wildness and williness and wonder. When the true god appeared, he became something of a devil, being called Satan. Like Satan the goat, Saturn also was a form of Sagittarius, the aim-is-true goat-sage with the arrow. That sage has something to do with Cupid as well, I believe, for some reason. Truth, true love, wildness. And, the great god Pan was also involved in these Saturnal games, which were played every Satyr-day, down at the Olde Stone Henge. Madman101 is a Sagittarius, child of Saturn, behooved by the goat gods and leaping lemurs of yore. Influenced by the stars and dodging cars on the way to bars. But I never quiver and I keep shooting away...

Meanwhile, the blood-red moon of the Apocalypse hovers above, in the longest lunar eclipse of the century, and Mars, the god of War, is the closest it has been to earth in decades, raging with a vomit-like dust-storm. So, these days, there could be worse things than a return of Saturn, the giant old record-player in the sky.

Planets on Parade: Saturn at Opposition 2018

And, now, here is our "solar-system" question for the evening.  Who can explain how,in the, "real world," the evil god of light somehow became known as the great goddess of beauty?  I don't think anyone out there has an answer to this question, because it is NEW.
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