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see the pic here - Clinton on Life Alert?

Hillary Clinton’s health was again the subject of Twitter speculation, after she appeared at a festival last weekend wearing a necklace that looked suspiciously like a ‘Life Alert’ panic button.

Clinton was appearing at OZY Festival, a weekend event of music, food, political discussion and liberal ‘comedy’ in New York’s Central Park. As well as rocking a Homer Simpson-style Hawaiian muumuu, the former Secretary of State wore a dull beige button on a necklace.

Eagle-eyed Twitter sleuths immediately came up with a theory: Clinton was wearing a ‘Life Alert’ panic button, used by pensioners to call the emergency services when they fall and can’t get up.


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I was wondering why no one ever positted the possibility that Trump's, "double negative," faux pas might not have been a true moment of SENILITY. Why not? Reagan had Alzheimers. He was olde enough. Now, the three presidential candidates are all very old poops. So, maybe no one really wants to raise the issue of age and dementia and all that, lest the finger of blame points back at themselves, hmmm?

Add to this, Hillary Clinton has always been an Illinois-type, naive/dorky, creature-comfort-seeking narcissist, of sorts, to some degree, a little... Like when she accidentally said, "steak," during a debate. Yummmm... Or when she claimed to be named after Sir Edward Hillary. I knew of a pic of her partying it up in Argentina, drunk as a skunk - but that picture was taken down a year before the election. Anyway, I have had no doubt that she has been having serious health problems. Behind the lies. So, what is wrong with dealing with health problems, anyway. A lot of successful people were fueled by their own familiarity with their own mortality. Never say never.

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