I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

How Dark Money, Gerrymandering And Democratic Complacency Altered Wisconsin Politics

I came home to hear the regional FM station, ("Big Radio"), airing a forum for candidates trying to be governor of Wisconsin. Yah hey. They were all Democrats. And, if times change starting here, as they always do, I can tell you that things look good. Nothing but great candidates presented here.

Madison Mayor, Paul Soglin, is running! He would be my first choice. He started as a hippie and, like Moonbeam, he disappeared and then came back to conquer. He tends to be a naturally boring civil servant now, more than a radical, but he is true history and progressive when he can be, just like Tammy Baldwin. I hope.

Another candidate by the name of Pat Quinn(?!) claims he plans to stop and get rid of the massive FoxCon project in Kenosha, because they are on an illegal contract, since it is illegal to specify individual companies for special treatment, in Wisconsin law. That sounds completely right and legal, but he probably cannot win it because idiots will always be bedazzled by money and by massiveness. Until they get polluted off to heaven.

These Wisconsin candidates sound awake and eager. And, unlike the candidates in Illinois, they have the concept of civic engagement behind them, backing them. Illinois politicians almost never have that. They are always selfish, crooked or dumbshits, instead. Boring as fuck. Arrogant as a smelly sock.

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