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A Conspiracy of Dunces

What is it with these hyper-conservative dinosaur politicians, from Oklahoma, Alabama, and such, who pretend to be so stuffed to the gills with RIGHTEOUS PRINCIPLES - to deny climate change, to help big oil, or big pharma, or big Dow, to advocate market absolutism and the freedom to discriminate against gays - and who are, at the same time, completely full of selfish moral depravity? Scott "The Mattress" Pruit is under suspicion or investigation for a number of silly banal breaches of the public trust. Again and again, these people get into office and rent out, or buy, personal airplanes, get their wives paid vacations, fool around with House pages, and so on. It's like they are too stupid to even think of helping themselves. Are they just plain LOSER PEOPLE, who you and I thought we were rid of, way back in FOURTH GRADE? Why do loser people acquire this sort of power and trust, espousing completely backwards ideas, and groping women all the way?

"Oh, yes - I want my boss, Mr. Pruit, to advance even further in his career, as he is so commendably selfish, ignorant and narcissistic, and deluded with grandeur! Of course! He has been so bastardly to everyone in the department, of course he should head a vast Federal agency!"

I don't understand why this just keeps happening OVER and OVER again. Is it just as simple as this: Big Dow - or Big Oil - or Big Koch - are paying to keep their puppets fat, happy and in line? Witness, Scott Walker, a fine example. You know what? There is an old picture of Scott Walker seductively in drag - and there is ALSO an old picture of Rudy Giuliani seductively in drag, tickling an admiring Donald Trump. I mean what is going on? Was that Monty Python skit about the Judges in drag funny because people secretly knew it was true? I don't care if anyone goes drag - but this whole culture of lying and hiding and denying - making deviant politicians completely open to blackmail by the Deep State. Is THAT why all these weirdos make it to the top? Because the Deep State, on behalf of BIG MONEY, feels it can manipulate them? In every civilisation, is this what happens - all those allowed into the upper echelons of depravity involve themselves in a full culture of anti-moral perversion, and even Satanism? Is it inevitable that money will turn any culture inside-out at the top - including the culture of Christianity? For, what kind of person would sell his soul to Big Dow, and thereby poison, sicken and kill hundreds of women, babies, and others? When you look at the potential dimensions of this, you might see: There needs to be a BIG SWEEP. As far as Donald Trump being the one to do that, and being free from corporate money, all that is highly debatable.

Why are they all so secretly convinced that 'perversion' is such an irresistible thrill? Why do they give their lives over to the probable helplessness of being caught and persecuted? Why do they all band together in secret societies and cabals of money-making. Violating the entire society's trust, they siphon away MONEY, aka TRUST, to themselves, but only by violation. On a mission to defile the very people they are supposed to represent. Parading atop great pillars of fundamentalist hogwash.

BTW - that some Dems are celebrating his resignation is rather childish - kinda smacks of the same sort of nonsense. The policies are not going to change. It's the policy, not the person. Apparently, you don't even need to know much about a politician - bad policies hide bad personalities, pretty much. The more someone rails against possibility of climate change, the more he or she is surely taking money from Big Oil and Big Coal. And if he or she is low enough for that, then it is probable that this person is a complete ass. But, really, there's no need to blame them - just focus on the policies. Seriously. Don't get pulled into the consuming maelstrom of dysfunction played out by a hopeless swarm of loser people. Will, hope, the future, do not live there. All that is the past - evidence of inevitable collapse. With big money at centre stage.

Thanks to the dysfunctional process we refer to as, "Scott Pruit," your food is poisoning you, yay!...

EPA Chief Scott Pruitt Met With Dow CEO Just Before Killing Effort to Ban Toxic Pesticide

EPA Rejects Own Science to Greenlight Brain-Damaging Pesticide

California: Farmworkers Sickened by Toxic Chemical Approved by Scott Pruitt’s EPA

New EPA Chief Andrew Wheeler, Former Coal Lobbyist, Aims to Continue to Dismantle EPA from Inside
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