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Who could have predicted the gross injury and insult inflicted upon Iraqi prisoners at Al Ghaid prison? Naked bodies piled up as if waiting to be turned into soap. Beatings.
Dehumanisation. What kind of people could do such things?

I've read explanations about the psychological stress of war and of prisons. I've read letters insisting that worse things have been done to us. I've seen and read news coverage depicting Americans as saints and Iraqi's as devils. I haven't read anything suggesting that we are all encouraging this dangerous mileau of denial.

Americans could do such things. Starting with an misbegotten presidency, a failure to anticipate 9-11, an invasion of Iraq which was predicated completely on propaganda, we imprisoned innocent men and soldiers, suspending civil rights, violating the Geneva Convention, and allowing no public appeal. Is there any surprise that hubris and cruelty, rather than virtue or humanity, have arisen from this illegitimacy?

It has been my experience that most Americans habitually, and religiously, support the state - the money state.

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