I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

Hone The Crows!

Who needs robots?!

Who needs drones?

Just train the crows do do the dirty work and - voila! - pristine, pretty city - and less fish choking on fags!

A new Dutch startup called “Crowded Cities” is training crows to recognize and pick up cigarette butts in exchange for treats, effectively cleaning up the city streets and parks.

The crows would drop the cigarette butts into a “Crowbar” device, which then scans the piece of litter to confirm that it is a cigarette butt. Once confirmed, the device gives the crow a food reward, reinforcing the behavior.

This is fantastic - but wait... I reserve my full backing, because... I have visions of cities full of fattened crows unable to fly anymore. And crows high from doobies. And crows smoking cigarettes, drinking whiskey and shooting pool.

Seriously, this is a good, progressive solution with inevitably disturbing consequences. But, if we could enlist various other intelligent animals, and spread out the responsibilities and the disruption, then maybe having a cadre of small animals acting as our eco-slaves might be a modest, final solution... Maybe?

I am ever so tempted to fully endorse this, because think: if we could train crows to pick up straws and other plastic - even right out of the ocean! Then there are dolphins! Dolphins could help! They like that kind of stuff! And Killer Whales! Killer whales could kick some polluters' ass!

Dogs! Dogs could police their own shit!

I'm getting nightmares...

Also in this article: The INTELLIGENCE OF BIRDS.


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