I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

Irony from Outer Space

Ain't that always the way?

The iron used up during most of the Iron Age had all been lying around on the surface of the Earth, left over from asteroids which had become meteors which had become meteorites. This is one reason why meteors are ironic.

Another reason is that the meteors that like to exterminate species tend to show up when the planet is already spewing out lava and toxic gasses, strangling the oceans and atmosphere.

Crazy fuzzy balls of light like to dance above volcanoes before they blow - or above quakes before they hit - or above any area where there is great physical stress beneath the surface of the planet.

Ironically, very similar orbs of light have been reported to have appeared around ancient sacred sites like Stonehenge; in centres of political power or decision-making like WDC, and in areas of human warfare or nuclear weapons storage. Some of these, which were said to chase WW2 airplanes, were called, "The Foo-Fighters." (I urge everyone to look them up in Wiki, etc).

In commemoration of these celestial phantoms, a rock band was formed, calling itself, "The Foo Fighters." Ironically, here's what happened at one of their concerts...

‘It pierced the clouds’: Fireball spotted blazing over Europe (VIDEO, PHOTO)
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