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The observations of Pat Cunningham regarding a few conservative bar owners in Wisconsin were acute, but shy. His explanation of their apparent tolerance of John Kerry supporters could have gone farther. Perhaps those Republicans, and Democrats, weren't so much convinced of their political difference as they were mutually disoriented by a socio-political process that compels them to act as headless cheerleaders. Perhaps they pined for communion and compassion, all too aware that such values would be trounced in upcoming weeks. This sentiment seemed to haunt Kerry supporters at the Convention, each chanting, and thinking, "What am I doing here?"

For, perhaps we sense that, just as Clinton's bombing campaigns were not determined to be a diversion from the Lewinsky scandal; and just as the 9/11 Commission decided not to "blame" anyone "in an election year", pursuing no Saudi connection; and just as Bush's war rhetoric foreshadowed the evil, fading realities of Abu Ghraib, something more disgusting would soon be served up, and glossed over, such that the democracy sleeping in our hearts would again be ripped and flouted.

Woe, to be in Wisconsin. Here in Rockford, lobotomized politicos have ruled that spitting,
ridicule, tailgating, and even assault, were appropriate responses to the John Kerry sticker on my car.

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