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Here's Another Picture of a Sexy Lady With a Gun

Posted on 2018.05.29 at 21:24
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(My favourite part was when her eyes kept floating apart).

Since I posted that pic of Jane Fonda, I thought I'd implant this pic in your psyche. In fact, it is NOT the pic I was looking for. I was looking for the pic on the cover of the DVD, (which I recently purchased). That is a better pic. Less clutter.  Here's the contest: Find that pic for me!

And, I couldn't even search Wikipedia until now - WHY? - because the hackers pull shit like dat.

Extreme headache yesterday all day. When I say headache I am referring to the entire body as the actual head. It's there to turn me around. Bluh. Anyway, I am suffering the cumulative effects of lots of walking, e/g/, to the vet, PLUS I put my AC in, some days ago. I don't just get CFS consequences due to the exertion, but also to the sunlight hitting my eyes and brain. Thus the massive headache, including eye fatigue. Just about every part of my brain has been stunted in the past, at one time or another, impairing various functions like balance, speech, memory, etc. So, I can relate to that lady on MOTH, at least spiritually.

So, it almost cleared up tonight but not enough. And, there is nothing worth seeing at the theatre. So, I am treating myself to the creature comfort of drinking some late cold tea, eating some safe corn chips, and now watching PULP FICTION, (imdb). That's a fun movie to read about. Uma was great. And let's not forget to thank Harvey Weinstein and his incessant taste in women for that movie. Thank you, Harvey Weinstein!

A topic for later discustion: How we have been gobbling up all this sex and violence from him, Woody Allen, Judd Apatow, etc., etc., and now all of the sudden we expected them to be saints? I mean. I was listening to Garrison Keillor way back when and pondering how nobody was shutting him up when he was making some rather risque prepubescent jokes. Or, like, how can we watch a man clowning around with kids half his life, laughing about Jello, and not think that JUST MAYBE this guy is some kind of oddball? The same people who are freaking out over this and that are the same people who put most of our corrupt politicians into office. And the sad thing is that they are mainly middle class. The money they gain in lawsuits is not flowing down to help the poor. Anyway, more on all this poli-psycho-dynamics later. Let's just enjoy a movie now, from a past when life was much more simple... lol...

btw - one of the movies playing at the theatre now is, "Book Club," and I'm thinking it is that OLD Jane Austin Book Club Movie again... Wut?! But I guess it's just another retread, for more aging boomer women to fantasize about being unfaithful. Anyway, the point is, HOW CAN JANE FONDA BE IN THAT MOVIE WHEN SHE IS 80 YEARS OLD?! Freaking me out. I looked at the poster pic and it looks like Jane is there looking like she is 40?! Why don't we just go to a retirement home and watch the folks put on a performance of Little Rascals episodes? With lots of makeup?

Old actors never die. They just dye until they fry. Pulp Fiction.

Here's official trailer #1 -


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