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curious kodama

The Spirit of Adventure

Posted on 2018.05.29 at 20:46
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Recent NPR MOTH.org episode was good enough to tell y'alls about. What I especially liked was the story told by the woman with a serious speech/brain impairment. I really appreciated that the MOTH could document the humanity and intelligence of this woman, even though to many people she would just sound, "retarded." So, in the spirit of the theme of my journal, I ask you to give it a listen: "Italian Stallion" (Janice Bartley experiences the thrill and complications of first love).

Here is the entire episode, comprised of five stories:

Thrill Seekers, Wanderlust, and an Italian Stallion

Story #1 is kinda dumb.
Story #2 ("Hang Time") is great because of the wacky exuberance of the guy.
Story #3 ("Italian Stallion"). Recommended.
Story #4 (Wild Women) is just average but fun.
Story #5 ("200,000 Miles..") is fantastic, featuring Euro-Aussie elderly lady who travels the USA by camper van. Awesome.

I dedicate this post to Aussie, space_66 who is currently walking about Vietnam. At least, that was the last we heard. Sometimes, the more you live, the more you may seem gone to the world. And here are many more MOTH episodes for you to add to your microbiome dynamics. They like to listen too, btw...


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