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Letter to some editor:

Here now, who is this Marion Winik, and what credentials does she have to advise hundreds of women on their substitute-kitchen-appliance fixation, ("Bad Boys and the Girls Who Love Them"). Has she ever really loved to a bad boy? I think not!

If it weren't for "bad" boys, and girls, we wouldn't have rock 'n' roll, Post-modernism, orr physics. We wouldn't have Christianity, the entire nation of Australia, or Bart Simpson. Henry Thoreau was a bad boy. Ghandi. King. Mandella. Eastern Europe. Who sets the trends the middle class class fights to consume, like a bunch of BGH cows? Bad boys do. Who stands solitary before the tanks of tyranny, with only the spirit of humanity as his prayer? Bad boy.

Can we please get past this men-who-are-worthless-and-the-dizzy-women-who-choose-to-love-them-too-much syndrome? Listen, ladies, be brave and love those bad boys. They are a sure thing precisely BECAUSE they are taboo. Maybe they tend to be cynical, stubborn and unpredictable, but at least their creative aggression is not processed into a system of habituated selfishness, denial and clever violence. That's fade-away. What's ZEN on a bookshelf ever going to accomplish? It certainly won't build better motorcycles. Seize your daemon; you won't love a bad boy if you'd rather change him. You love him if you want to change the system.

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