I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

The Peril on Your Plate

Hi there - I have been refraining from postng because LJ is not cooperating w/ me lately. Anybody else having probs posting/commenting? And sharing? And tags? I think its just me and my firewall but I hope its you too, ha ha, cuz that would mean I can just wait til it gets better again...

However, I did start a theme-post offline, which will be great, except for the fact that I wrote so much, I forgot what the original theme was. So, I am giving it a rest for now and then sleeping on it. It had something to do with religion, and blame or something. idk.

Had a pretty laid-back day today. I took time to pull all the Queen Anne's Lace in the front garden. I've been doing this every year for about 5 years and still there are seeds in the ground pushing these things up(!) Did you know they are related to celery? Yum.

While I was weeding, the neighbours' two dogs saw me and barked. I had formerly yelled at the neighbours to shut there dog up, since I was both drunk and minding my own business. So they cleared up the problem this time. But I guess they retaliated tonight because one of their dogs barked for a few hours tonight, which is fine cuz my radios drown it out, and my important rooms are on the other side of the house.

It got a little hot/humid while I was weeding. But I got it done before days of future heat. Gotta get around to putting my AC back in, even though I had dreamt of MOVING out of here before I'd have to do that again.

All my personal (friends) posts are posting PUBLIC agh...

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