where hypotheses come to die (madman101) wrote,
where hypotheses come to die

plus I have a migraine

Hey. I have poison ivy. My face is all swollen around the eyes. I look like a demented pixie. Lying in the sun helped a little yesterday, so maybe again today. I'll just let it run it's course. Dealing with it is not energy-efficient. At least it didn't trigger another CFS relapse, which can be THE WORST w/ poison ivy. Each allergy or infection has it's own character when it causes a relapse. I didn't bother shaving yesterday, plus I had this PI. So, I didn't think I looked that great. But at McDonalds, this beautiful girl comes through the drive-up, while I'm at the counter, and looks at me. I looked a bit, and then away, as is the custom. She was blonde, with BIG blue Britney Spears eyes. I looked back up, and she was looking at me again. We both realised we were two lost attractive souls in a wasteland of Big Macs.

Well, you know, I kinda don't like that - it made me deranged. Another one I'll never meet. Who really needs the boost to the ego? I want HER. So I bought a six-pack. Also to dull the PI. And the first beer was HEAVEN! I highly advise having one beer to treat your PI.

Remember that kiddie porn site that hijacked my computer? Well, it made my computer dial a 900 number. Costing me about $100 - says my phone bill. So, I guess I'll call the police on this - but they won't be able to do anything about it.

Eh - Habitat only gave the IMPRESSION that they were interested in the lots - because they are bleeding heart liberals who didn't want to hurt my feelings. So - no $5000 for now. No new transmission? And prolly no Madison for at least a month.

It's great to be me!
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