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#YouToo, Brutus?

I was not at all surprised by the permission of Gina Haspel into the Intelligencia's Top Brass Knucklheads Club. After all, she was loyal to her immediate superiors - and Trump loves that sort of thing. Oh, did I mention - Even while she was loyal to the lower authorities, she was wildly DISLOYAL to the wishes of the then-HEAD of the CIA, as well as to the then-President, when she WENT AHEAD AND DESTROYED INCRIMINATING VIDEO EVIDENCE OF CIA TORTURE OF DETAINED, "ENEMY COMBATANTS," ANYWAY. Sadly, this crime was seriously downplayed in the Haspel Confirmation Hearings. Instead, the swing voters had to wait until they heard her say, "I will not support torture in the future." What a bunch of dweeby wimps. HERE WE GO AGAIN, and...

BULLSHIT. Trump selected precisely BECAUSE she supported torture. Torture, science shows, DOES NOT WORK. All torture about is the feeling of demented CONTROL and REVENGE and TESTOSTERONE by the perpetrators.

And I listened to Haspel, giving her responses, attesting that she would never support torture in the future. Let me tell you one thing. This woman is a bad lair. Two or three times, I caught OBVIOUS WAFFLING in her voice, at critical times. It was right out there. But the politicians are voting her in because:

1 - You don't mess with the Establishment Military-Intelligence Machine, with all its plans and schemes and means, AND...

2 - As long as she P R O M I S E D..... ya know!.... The politicians can take that home to their suckers and say their hands are clean!

3 - Trump, the head of the GOP, wants her in...

4 - She is a woman - yay! The asshole is a woman!

5 - Always easier to ask forgiveness than to ask permission - or tell the truth - or serve the truth...

This whole country is insane. INSANE. It is all in a tizzy about Russians in the furniture and yet it continues to vote to FUCK WITH THE REST OF THE WORLD. It is like the crumbling years of the Roman Empire. "And who, of you, is without sin? Then throw the first stone..." [Everyone throws stones - en masse - safe in numbers]...

Et tu, Brute?

'I hated myself for Abu Ghraib abuse'

Gina Haspel has paved the way for her confirmation as new CIA director, after repudiating torture tactics used in the past. But the scars from one of America's darkest chapters, the abuse of Iraqis at Abu Ghraib prison, still linger, as one of the men involved explains...

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