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I am the person who will destroy China.

All Seven Dogs Saved by Mouth-to-Mouth!

First responders save dogs lives in garage fire using CPR, mouth-to-mouth

On entering the garage, the officers found seven dogs, two of them pregnant and all of them unconscious and unresponsive “as a result of smoke inhalation,” the ISP said.

“The first-responders then took immediate action and began CPR on the canines, providing oxygen in an attempt to revive them,” the ISP said. “Some of the officers and neighbors were able to open the dogs’ airways and blow air into their lungs. When EMS arrived on the scene, first-responders were then able to use ‘pet masks’ in order to better provide oxygen to the canines.”

Hero Firefighters Revive 'Lifeless' Dog Using Mouth-To-Mouth

Dog Rescued From Raging Flood Waters, Given Mouth-to-Mouth

Dogs, cats could be saved by California mouth-to snout-bill
Tags: animals - dogs in distress, health - mouth-to-mouth, life-saving

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