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As I approach the meaning of life...

This lame ERC keyboard remains the same.

Well - I just felt like making today pretty much a complete replica of yesterday, sans the headache. So I drive to my wooded area, and pull up besides some vacated truck in the parking lot. Cool music coming out of my car. I'm getting ready to head into the woods. I get out and there's this big tatooed guy standing by the truck, putting his bike in it. So, I walk by and say, "Hey, James!" For, you see, "James" is written on the back of his tank-top... He looks at me like, "What the FUCK. I think I will KILL you now!" But I give him a little smile, and go on, with a laugh. And he does the, "I'm-trying-not-to-smile smile." Which looks somewhere between a three-year-old being found crapping on his mom's bed, and some kind of highly spiritual orgasm. (That's the smile that Stacey did so well). "Hey, What's goin' on!," he grins. And I'm gone.

I have found that all tatooed men are basically homosexual. Sort of. They want to look TOUGH, but they wanna belong too, boo hoo! So, I walk by, and ain't no one here but you and me, handsome. And you know the guy's gonna be thinking aout it tonight. Me and my girlish glasses and pubic mustache.

So, I have this "park" I don't talk about much. But, I let the grass grow all spring on one lot. Cause, you know, fuck it, and various associated rationales. And at night I hear the drunk tough guys on the other side of the block bitching and moaning and talkin bout how's they's gonna fuckin kill me. The whole neighborhood don't know how this is gonna be resolved. So, one day Mr. Hashim Mesocool comes by and starts shouting in what he believes to be an extremely polite way. Well, bla bla la, this and that. And at the end, I shake his hand in my front porch, and say, "I like you, Hashim. If you ever see me out there on that lot, come out and talk and be a good neighbor." "Huh, heh? Huh?" and he goes off. So a night or two later, his girfriend is yelling at him, "You fuckin' faggot!" And he's sayin', "The guy says he likes me and he looks like a fuckin' girl. And now all of the sudden it MY fault?!" Well, we all know what happenned in their bedroom earlier that night, don't we? (And somehow it MY fault, right?!). So, they break up a week later, but not before the police are called in for battery. And the lawn looks so nicely mowed! So, this is how the matter was resolved.

"I know our kind... What goes on in our minds... It's just a matter of time..."

"He don't look like no fuckin' girl!"

I am an upstanding member of my community. Everybody loves me - or ELSE!

Well, I don't feel like going into depth about the ff deep subjects right now. Just for the record:

I have discovered two more universal truths... Let's see...

Well - I can only remember one, damn it all...

The reason why fundamentalist Christians are so hung up aout sex is because they know what it entails, besides someone other than them having a hell-of-a-good-time: It entails the power of EVOLUTION. They don't want anyone else evolving - just them. They are the ones to enjoy officially-sanctioned sex - and evolution into divinity. Although, of course, since they are the ones supposedly evolving - they don't call it evolution, but choice, or divine intervention, or such... All else is monkey-like mud and beastiality and it must be stopped. They dress their beliefs up in ritual and fetish and icons and rules and regulations and carots and sticks, and make life a living hell for their children - who privately revolt against the religious cherade, which is a huge denial mechanism keeping out all manner of sexual deviation, such as bisexuality. So, maybe their children become blasphemous in some way, and maybe they choose to become lesbians and gays. Yet deep in their hearts they must still maintain the same biological dogma instilled and deeply DISGUISED, (thus keeping them from crossing the bisexuality ridge ack over to heterosexuality), which is the deep private feeling that, in now WAY did we ever EVOLVE FROM APES!

That's what Scopes was about.

So, that's about all.



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