I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

Surfer Beware

Something strange is going on w/ LJ. History:

I have been attacked by people trying to hack my computer lately - a lot. I will post more about thsi later - but it seemed to start with MediaPlayer, and involved The Ferret. A whole host of unbelievable attacks. Also, after I uploaded a new browser which is popular in India - Brave - I started getting hit by an IP from Russia. More specifics later. So, this has been banging me ever since, trying to hack me.

Very recently, a new IP from Russia has been following me. This was from rambler.ru. Rambler.ru is a search engine which comes in on downloads and then switches your browser to rambler.ru search. But if it can do this, it can do more. So, I blocked this, while it keeps banging away, apparently in some correlation with my usage of LJ.

rambler.ru also happens to be the main server company that oversee LJ. So, it is very possible that there is something nefarious going on w/ LJ - being used or hijacked to attack people - or something.

Well, all of the suddenly, I got a SYN attack from MY VERY OWN LJ SERVER IP. In other words, the IP used for LJ was ATTACKING ME! It was now hitting me so relentlessly that the computer had to automatically block it for an hour. I say again: LJ attacked me and had to be blocked! WHILE I was trying to use LJ! How can I use LJ if the LJ IP is trying to attack me, hack me or shut me down?!

Someone else may have hijacked or spoofed the LJ IP - OR - maybe LJ really was involved, answering to Putin, or even to USA intelligence! So, whatever is going on, I don't know if it is me-specific, or if this is a broader LJ problem. I do know I have been attacked relentlessly in various other ways for a week or two.

Another possibility is that LJ and rambler.ru are experimenting, getting their fingers into everybody's business, just because they are looking for technical ways of improving the performance of their LJ IPs. But the fact that this coincides with so much other c**p, though, brings that into question. It looks like, maybe while so many internet social media sites are changing their terms of service in order to adjust to European controls, and USA threats and interferences, there might be a whole lot of surveillance reshuffling going on below the surface that we are not supposed to know about.

If other report similar probs from LJ, and yet LJ reports nothing unusual, then the final hypothesis might be true. Or else LJ itself is out to get you.
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