I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

Peace and Taconess

Ugh. Another extreme-sport day. Front and centre of brain unable to process for shit until about ten minutes ago, a little while after I held my breath and scared the shit outta my caudate nucleus. Nevertheless, I did somehow decide to make myself some pizza tacos, which were great. Used two soft (corn) shells, cooked/stuck together w/ 1/2 a slice of cheese, for each taco. Used some awesome extra sauce including olives, etc. Added 'grilled' mushrooms, red pepper, tomato slices, then mozzarella. Finally, the middle of each taco held a bunch of cooked broccoli spears - because I was also cooking for health.

My dog is getting better, btw. His mood has picked up, now he is sleeping more. Might post about getting through it together, psychology, psyche-ology, etc.

I get these small dusty brown beetles, as big as a fingernail. They show up creeping slowly on walls, etc., occasionally. The fright is that they might be cockroaches, then I am happy when I see they are just my old friends, the brown bugs. As I told an LJ friend recently, when I find one, I easilly put it into a jar, and then into my fridge, so I can release it next time I go outside.

Saw one today, looking at me at eye level, from atop a funnel's upside-down spout. I said hi. Then I playfully darted my finger a little at him. He backed away sideways. Then I did stuff from the other side, and he moved backwards. What was remarkable was his obvious intelligence, (maybe because it was a she, lol), and his ability to incorporate my entire giant visage into his tiny eyes and brain. It it a wonder of nature. I'll write again about the phenomena of compound eyes. I have written elsewhere of amazing jumping spiders - and of the intelligence of cockroaches - even a kind of humanity amongst creepy crawlies - so you may find these posts via my tags.

I wonder at the intelligence and being-ness of all creatures. But I am not surprised by this anymore, now that I really do believe that consciousness is a dynamic existing in some form in all things great and small, including stars and silverfish. Too bad, in our little corner of the world, we have thrown creature consciousness for a giant fruitloop. As I posted recently, pelicans are attacking people in S. California. Bears and deer and coyote are attacking people in the montenous West. Squirrels are attacking people - something I first noted in Washington Park, Philly.

In Australia, (home of the Tasmanian Devil which bites the faces off each other and thereby contract cancer), Kangaroo have been emboldened to attack people over carrots. Things fly out of the sea and try to attack us. You may remember my posts about the vast procession of pissed-off dolphins, skipping through the waves, clearly trying to tell us to stop fucking up the planet. I'd be pissed too, if I had to watch a world just melt away under plastic nanoparticles, carbolic acid, sonic pollution, and Fukushima radiation.

Remember those bath-salt zombie people who tried to eat people's faces? Now, animals seem to becoming just as deranged. Apparently, in some places, mangy coyotes and raccoons are not just attacking people, they are standing up on their hind legs, and baring their teeth, snarling, and rushing at people, like zombies.

We are living in a cocktail of weedkiller and GMO and heavy metals in the sky - and the whole planet is giving up a cry - a last gasp - a death wish - before something really big comes down the pike. And my formerly human neighburhood isn't any better. Poor doggie. Poor bug.
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