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New water-based battery can store wind and solar energy for pennies

New water-based battery can store wind and solar energy for pennies

Scientists have developed a water-based battery that can store power generated by wind and solar energy. The battery could solve issues with storing renewable energy, reducing dependence on fossil fuels, and it will be cheap.

Stanford scientists revealed the manganese-hydrogen battery in a research paper published in the journal Nature on Monday. The battery has the ability to store wind and solar energy until it’s needed.

The prototype battery is three inches tall and generates 20 milliwatt-hours of electricity. Although the output is currently modest, the researchers are confident they can apply the prototype to an industrial-grade level that could allow the battery to be recharged up to 10,000 times. This would give the battery a decade-long lifespan.

(Go to title to acces full article).  Be sure to check out / join my progressive LJ community, eco_altrnatives -  about advances in science and thought!  No recent posts there, but there is SO MUCH WAITING IN THE HOPPER it is unbelievable - how much progress is being made even in these days of mania and mahem.
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