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I seem to have an interest in people, cultures, societies or languages which just don't square w/ geography - because they are way out of their element. Armenia is an example - a Catholic country flung far off in the Muslim Middle East. BTW - While the USA powers that be are stirring up trouble w/ Iran, and Israel is demanding we take Syria away from Assad, and Saudi Arabia is buying weapons from Russia, the USA is colluding with Turkey to slice up Armenia into two pieces. That's so we can expand our influence deeper into what had been the USSR sphere. It's disgusting how guilty 'we' are. Never mind that whole GENOCIDE thing that Turkey inflicted on Armenia. Sure, they'd be a great overseer of a reformed, deformed Armenia. There's more to this story, as told by Leon Kuravson, HERE: Armenia protests: USA appears to divide Armenia into parts. Here’s why they’re in the streets .

Galatia is another example. (And possibly Galilee). It was a Celtic country hundreds of miles away from Ireland, probably descending from the Sarmatians, or Scythians, who had women warriors. Jesus spent some time in Galilee, and some said he came from the land where people practiced, "The easy way." Well, I like to imagine that that was a contrast between the Celtic way - wistful and pagan - versus the more strict Jewish religion, where apparently everyone was way stressed out and screwed up, comparable to the USA today. So, Jesus was said to have studied in the East, possibly Iran/India, (Indo-European). But maybe there was a touch of "Irishness" in his evolving Christianity, also made more palatable to the masses by that notorious apostle, Paul, the Greek. Who knows, maybe the good Samaritan was a good Sarmatian.

There's lots of other examples of languages, or etc., just being stuck out in the middle of 'nowhere." Like a tribe of cave dwellers in northern China, who existed up to perhaps 50,000 years ago, which some think might actually be a separate species of Homo. Which is bizarre - that they could remain separate for hundreds of thousands of years. And then, of course, there is the legend of Bigfoot. Or Gigantopithicus. Or the Hobbit People. Or Pygmies. Or the Japanese community in Rio. Or me in America. And so on.

Well, the Cherokee have always been an interesting lot. They had a good degree of civic development. They also share a particular gene with some Jews - which is a great puzzle to work on. As you know, the Cherokee largely lived around the South/East. The generally sought to cooperate with the in-rushing tide of Europeans, turning the land into agricultural fields, etc. But, they got kicked out of their homeland anyway, sent by Jackson down that Trail of Tears, to settle in, "Indian Territory," which kinda got whittled down and incorporated into the State of Oklahoma, which ultimately gifted us with the ultimate cowboy, a Cherokee, Will Rogers.

Jackson was a populist, and can be compared to Trump. But Jackson was actually more of a Democratic progressive populist, in the Bernie camp, (relatively speaking). The difference was that progressives back then had a degree of do-gooder-ness, divinely upheld by Manifest Destiny, that was in fact very destructive. Jackson had an air of personal certainty similar to that of Trump. I don't want to forgive that great crime, of course, but there were giant changes going on, and people rationalised ways to get rid of, "The Indian Problem." Some meant well, but mostly they conspired to take the land. That was a movement that wasn't about to stop. I think if Trump were president then - made even more maniacal by the times - maybe he would have proposed gas chambers. So, it's history, for better or worse.

Anyway, we all know about the whites kicking the Cherokee, and others, out of their homeland. But it is possible that there was a Trail of Tears BEFORE the Trail of Tears. And maybe it was the Cherokee who once moved into the South, displacing the local populations, sending them away, to Kahokia.

And the irony of this story?

They might have been white...

The Mystery of the Moon-Eyed People

"The Welsh Indians"

The Kuna in Panama
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