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Learn to love your FBI - (Part One)

Qatari man held for 13 years over links to al-Qaida: I was tortured on US soil

Ali al-Marri, declared an ‘enemy combatant’ by George W Bush, insists he is innocent – and wants to challenge his FBI interrogators in court.

Note: Well. We created Al Qaida, and ISIS, and all that destabilized hornet's nest. Because we have long-range goals that supersede any one president, etc. Those Osama videos, the beheading videos, the babies in the incubators, etc., has generally been one big fabrication by our militant intelligence - because idle minds - and taxes - are terrible things to waste. So, once they put their minds to something, no matter how insane or cruel, our boys get it done did. That probably includes various 9/11-type events, or mass shootings.

They can pull you - or your computer - over - and plant incriminating evidence. They may try to coax you into committing some horrible crime, just so they can meet their quotas in the war on terriblism. That is not to say that everyone in the FBI, or etc., is corrupt. It's usually the fault of the rotten fish-heads at the top. Hearing Comey whine about Trump's mob-like tactics was just over-the-top ironic to my ears.

Obama never did get rid of Guantanamo, did he? That's because the established "deep state" needs to keep innocent people locked up, off shore, and away from the light of USA justice and freedom of the press. Of course, this has been a vile ethic, which has demoralised the soldiers and agents who work there. I think we all remember the vulgar atrocities committed there and elsewhere. So, if crimes like these have occurred, then what else can be happening which we don't even know about - sealed for reasons of 'national security'?

Evil knows that when the truth gets out, heads do roll.

Guess what? My computer has been under relentless attack lately. I am quite certain that the problem is a Ferret. TBC.
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