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Handshake Across the Arctic

Who would have thought that the 80's would be more sane than today? (I can't think of too many decades which were more insane than today). Despite Ronald Reagan, and sometimes because of him, weird advances were made, like nuclear arms reduction between the USA and the USSR. Even still, back then, you may know, there was a lot of crazy-ass nonsense going on, like this: A lot of sexual abuse, and a lot of women going along with it because, well, we are all expecting to be relieved when we get to that great City on a Hill... In other words, there was no #metoo back then, and women were a part of the reason why.

Well, you look at all the anti-Russia propaganda going on today, relentlessly, and it is hard to imagine that, back in the 1980's, there was an amazing female athlete who decided to SWIM from the USA to the USSR, in cold arctic waters, risking her life, which would help bridge the insane gap in understanding between our countries.

Her name was Lynn Cox. She did not stand around gossipping and accusing, AFTER THE FACT - what she did was help to change history. Three months after her amazing, gruelling, shaming and heroic, swim across the Bering Straight, Reagan and Gorbachev agreed to reduce nuclear weapons in their countries. Which was an amazing, never-before, ground-shattering moment of progress - lost to us now. And this was only after a build up of military ships, etc., during her life-threatening swim. An amazing, wonderful story.

Listen / hear - The Swim Between Superpowers, Witness - BBC World

Swim that broke Cold War ice curtain - BBC News

Elite swimmer Lynne Cox writes about nearly dying...
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