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I am the person who will destroy China.

The Thinking Planet - Part One

I have a bunch of interrelated posts coming up, (hopefully), which might not seem related. So, I am putting them under the series title, "Thinking Planet," and I am going to ease you towards the ideas. With this first post, I just ask you to marvel and wonder and question and perchance dream. I think if there might be one thing to keep in mind as a theme it would be that there is a dynamic energy in the planet, and in us, which goes beyond conventional concepts of physics. Just because we have not learn much about this cosmic power does not mean that we should then call it, "God." It is always a mistake to jump to conclusions, as if we finally know all, into one extreme of religion, or into the other extreme of science. In all my existence, I have never known either of these partisans to be a greater authority than my own dreams.

Ley Lines, Ancient Flight Plans, And Their Mind-Bending Connection To Ancient Monuments

[Note: Over hundreds of years, a fairly straight path could be wrought between two extreme points in land, (meeting up with boats on the water), simply through chaotic dynamics. Just a thought].

The Earth Grid: Are Ancient Monuments The Result Of A Global Consciousness?

[Note Bermuda Triangle. Missed in this map are the giant buried pyramids and tunnels in Bosnia and Bulgaria, as well as the probably sunken pyramid in Alaska, as well as that giant formation under the Baltic - but one or all of these may also conform to the grid lines].

This is the real reason why ancient civilizations built Thousands of Pyramids

[Note: You don't need to believe any of this, as it sounds, right-off, like sheer quackery. But please appreciate the uniqueness of the claims, and keep open hypotheses that a few of them might be true, for whatever weird reason. Remember what was said here. Go forth and eat your porridge].
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