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Gotland is a large Swedish island in Europe.  My guess is that the name originally meant, "Goat-Land."  Neolithic stone markings abound there.  Viking traders also left things there, like coins and plunder.  In the Wiki paragraph below, about a treasure found there, note the last sentence...

On 16 July 1999, the world's largest Viking silver treasure, the Spillings Hoard, was found in a field at Spillings farm northwest of Slite.[21] The silver treasure was divided into two parts weighing a total of 67 kg (148 lb) (27 kg (60 lb) and 40 kg (88 lb)) and consisted mostly of coins, about 14,000, from foreign countries, mostly Islamic.[22] It also contained about 20 kg (44 lb) of bronze objects along with numerous everyday objects such as nails, glass beads, parts of tools, pottery, iron bands and clasps. The treasure was found by using a metal detector, and the finders fee, given to the farmer who owned the land, was over 2 million crowns (about US$308,000).[23] The treasure was found almost by accident while filming a news report for TV4 about illegal treasure hunting on Gotland.[24]

(If you like the topic of treasures, then read about Oak Island, or the book/movie, "Treasure Island" - or the Island in SF).

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