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Music from Buddy Holly, and More!

"True Love Ways," was wrtten a few months before his death in a plane crash, ("The day the music died"), and release afterwards.  It is not whay we normally think of as, "Buddy Holly," and it might be mistaken for the title, "True Love Waits".

Here's a little mix version.

Here are many more videos of the song.

Mickey Gilley released a #! hit cover in 1980 - Video

Radiohead did a song called, "True Love Waits," on their A Moon Shaped Pool album - VIDEO HERE.

Radiohead did an earlier LIVE version, (album: "I Might Be Wrong"), which had a dif flavour - VIDEO HERE.

Don McLean "American Pie" tribute video to Buudy Holly, etc. - VIDEO HERE.

A history of the McLean song, "American Pie" - VIDEO HERE.

And here's an untypical hit from Eddie (Summertime Blues) Cochran, who died in a crash at age 21.  I find this song to be sophisticated and ahead of its time.

"Sittin' in the Balcony", one of the few songs Cochran recorded that were written by other songwriters, (in this case John D. Loudermilk).
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